Keystone ’93



  • The Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund is a critical dedicated funding source for recreation and conservation projects, libraries, historical preservation initiatives and higher education.
  • Established in 1993 with an overwhelmingly approved voter referendum, a 48-0 vote in the Pennsylvania Senate and a 196-3 vote in the House, the Keystone Fund automatically receives 15 percent of the state’s realty transfer tax.
  • The Keystone Fund helps communities help themselves.  Each dollar of Keystone Fund community grants typically leverages two dollars or more in direct local investments in our parks, trails, community green spaces and libraries.
  • These investments in turn generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity, ranging from recreational purchases and wages to increased values of properties.
  • Keystone Fund projects are lasting, benefiting the community long after the grant is spent.

Highlights of Keystone ’93 Accomplishments Statewide

  • Conservation of 145,657 acres of green space for county and municipal parks, greenways, wildlife habitat and other open space uses.
  • 2,653 community park development projects including ballfields, playgrounds, pools, picnic areas and recreation centers.
  • 846 trail projects for walking, bicycling and other recreation uses.
  • 490 historic preservation projects in 65 counties.
  • 212 library projects to build new facilities and renovate older buildings as well as improve accessibility and safety.
  • State Park and Forest improvements including construction and rehabilitation of restrooms, parking lots, roads, bridges, visitors’ centers, water fountains, sewage treatment and other facilities.


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