The Coalition is comprised of local, regional, and statewide conservation, recreation, and preservation groups that have come together to build awareness and educate the public and elected leaders about the critical need for continued conservation, recreation and preservation funding.

The Coalition was formed in January 2008.  Originally calling itself the “Green Team,” this small group of organizations began to organize and develop a strategy for dealing with the inevitable depletion of the Growing Greener II bond program that was slated to end in 2010.

Within a year of their first meeting, the Renew Growing Greener Coalition was born and the group grew in size and influence. It was also around this time that DCNR stopped actively participating in the Coalition, allowing the organizations to take the reins.

In 2010 the Coalition hired Andrew Heath as its a full-time executive director. From 2010 to 2012, the Coalition focused its efforts on increasing funds for the Growing Greener Environmental Stewardship Fund, bringing together more than 240 organizations, 115 municipalities, and 37 counties to support its efforts.

In 2012, the Renew Growing Greener Coalition changed its name to the Pennsylvania Growing Greener Coalition and adopted a new, more expansive mission statement that reflected the growing threat to state environmental and preservation programs.

This website contains information about the Coalition and its efforts to secure a renewed source of Growing Greener funding (Growing Greener III). To learn about the Growing Greener funding program itself, visit growinggreener.info.